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Our love and passion for olive oil is our motive to become better and to offer you the best than nature has to offer.

For this reason, we travel throughout Greece during the year, in order to meet with 3,000 producers, talk to them, and share with them their concerns and expectations for the harvest to come. At the same time, we are informed of and observe from close by the conditions in the olive groves, the humidity in the ground and all the factors that will most probably affect the harvest to come per region (in terms of quantity and quality). Moreover, we follow very closely the progress of the olive trees’ development (sprouting, blossoming, fruit setting, fruit ripening) in all the main olive-producing zones, and we try to foresee quite early the olive-growing zones that will deliver the desired quality. Finally, we “participate” in the olive harvest and the olive oil production in the oil mills, we check the olive oil production conditions and we select the oil mills and the lots that each year provide Altis with a consistently rich flavour; we also check the samples from olive oil tanks according to the strictest criteria, in order to guarantee that the olive oil supplied to us has superior quality and taste aspects. In Altis, we carry out more quality controls on olive oil than foreseen by the Greek legislation and the European Union.

Because we want it to be Altis, down to the last drop!