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Taste is also important in olive oil. For this reason, in addition to the physico-chemical tests that we carry out in each olive oil lot, the tasting process is equally important, namely the olive oil tasting carried out by our specialists.

Nevertheless, a very important criterion in order to characterize an olive oil as Extra Virgin, in addition to the legal provisions, is that it must have exceptional taste.

For many years now, we have a renowned group of tasters in Altis, accredited according to ISO 17025, so as to ensure that the Altis Extra Virgin Oil is one of the best, in terms of both quality and taste.

Overall, every year we taste more than 1,500 representative samples, which amount to 2/3 of the total Greek production, and we reject even extra virgin olive oils if we identify even the smallest taste fault. At the end of the process, only the best olive oils will be selected by Altis.

The love and search for a good olive oil is a process of the senses, a journey to the fragrances of Greece, a journey to taste! For this reason, the moment of tasting is the best moment during the selection process.

The Greek olive oil is characterised by the strong fruity fragrance of the olive and a spicy taste, with pepper tones. Its flavours vary, depending on the area, from grass and almond to citrus fruit tones, such as lemon and orange, as well as fragrant herbs, such as camomile and basil, while its bitter taste points to a higher organic value quality olive oil.