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Each year, Altis Olive oil receive international and domestic awards from certified and well known organizations for it’s superior taste & quality. At ALTIS we guarantee for the taste and the quality of our products down to the last drop

International Taste Award iTQi

iTQi is the top independent organization involved in the certification of superior taste products, with the contribution of 175 Chefs and Tasters. The Committee members are taste specialists and influencers, who are selected among 16 of the most eminent chef and sommelier associations all over Europe. 

The evaluation is based on five organoleptic criteria:

  • first impression
  • look
  • smell
  • texture
  • taste 


KOTINOS competition is a quality competition for extra virgin olive oils and it is the only one in Greece which is carried out according to the strict criteria applied by the International Olive Council (IOC) to the MARIO SOLINAS Quality Awards. Altis brand received honours award for the following products : Silver award for Altis Extra Virgin Olive oil P.G.I Chania Kritis 2020 Honour Award for Altis Extra Virgin Olive oil Traditional 2020 Honour Award for Altis Extra Virgin Olive oil P.D.O Kalamata 2020.