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Olive oil plays an important part in children’s health and normal development, and it contributes to the proper development of bones and the brain.
Already since pregnancy, it has become evident that the women following a healthy, Mediterranean diet (which includes fruit, vegetables, seeds, fish and seafood, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dairy products) had fewer chances of developing postpartum depression after birth, while it has been ascertained that their babies also had fewer chances of developing respiratory problems, such as stridor, during the first year of their life.
The demand for fats during childhood is relatively higher due to the body development processes, but also in order to meet the body’s higher energy demand. Specifically and according to the principles of Mediterranean diet, fatty fish, unsalted nuts and dried fruit, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the main foods from which children and teenagers, as well as adults of course, must take “good” fats.
Therefore, we should not forget that, in addition to the daily use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our children’s salad and food, we should also choose food rich in “good” unsaturated fats for their overall nutrition, and avoid “bad” saturated fats, such as animal butter and other animal fats. Valid scientific bodies all over the world recommend to replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.